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Entrust your foot health to the expert care of our esteemed podiatrists. With rigorous medical training and unwavering dedication, our team is registered and equipped to address a spectrum of foot conditions with precision and professionalism. From routine foot care to complex podiatric procedures, we prioritise your comfort and well-being, ensuring every step you take is supported by our expertise. Experience the difference of specialized care tailored to your individual needs. Book your appointment today and take confident strides towards optimal foot health.

Our Diabetes Advanced Podiatrist provides exceptional diabetes foot care and is an expert in Diabetes Foot Pain management. We also provide specialised Vascular and Neurological Assessment, Acupuncture, Nail Surgery and Verruca treatment. Not to forget routine foot care of Nails, Corns and Calluses.

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Very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Thanks for taking good care of my feet. I'd definitely recommend Wellness Podiatry.

- J Clark


"I found Wellness Podiatry after needing an urgent appointment that was not available on the NHS. I received an excellent service and the standard of care and attention was fantastic. I will be having a follow up appointment as I have on-going concerns with my feet but feel like I am in safe, caring hands."

- S Linane


Sajida was really professional. She was very efficient sorting out my problems. Very knowledgeable and attention to detail. Excellent outcome.

- A Ali